Clothing & Lifejackets

Introduction to Boating and Marine Clothing at Pennine Marine
We have a comprehensive range of marine clothing, both dedicated to the powerboating and rib market, but also very suitable for all types of boating and canoeing. This includes lifejackets, bouyancy aids, wetsuits (not drysuits),

We can sell all of this clothing by mail order throughout the UK and Europe. Please note that this website is not yet active for e-commerce sales of boating clothing, so temporarily could we please ask you  order any boating chandlery by e-mail info or phone 0113 532 8575 (nine to four, open six days a week). Alternatively you are more than welcome to drop in to see us at our Ilkley showroom, where all the clothing is on display.

Lifejackets - Ocean Safety and Kru Range of Commodore Lifejackets - Manual and Automatic

  • Ocean Safety Commodore Lifejackets - all types - 70.00 incl VAT

We keep in stock - and sell at good prices - all the various adult and junior sizes of the Ocean Safety/  Kru lifejackets. For our normal lifejackets, we now just stock the all-round good-quality Ocean Safety /Kru Commodore lifejacket range.These Ocean Safety/ Kru Commodore lifejackets are available with both automatic and manual actions. Ocean Safety / Kru lifejackets are a good quality UK manufactured lifejacket product which is a good product - and us being in Yorkshire - we think represents good value for money.These lifejackets can be tried out for size and correct fit in our showroom in Skipton, which is on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border.

  • Ocean Safety / Kru Lifejacket - Adult (fits all sizes) - automatic inflation - blue - lifejacket with harness point and crotch strap (harness line is separate) - price 70.00 including VAT
  • Ocean Safety / Kru Lifejacket - Adult (fits all sizes) - manual inflation - red - lifejacket with harness point and crotch strap (harness line is separate) - price 70.00 including VAT.
  • Ocean Safety /Kru Lifejacket - Child (fits all sizes except toddlers) -automtaic inflation - red - with harness point and crotch strap (harness line is separate) - price 70.00 including VAT

Buoyancy Aids - various Gul Bouyancy Aid Ranges

We keep in stock a wide range of the Gul buoyancy aids. Gul bouyancy aids are kept in all sizes to suit every size of adult, child  and junior. These Gul bouyancy aids are - as is usual with us - a well proven and good quality product. These Gul Bouynacy aids are both safe, durable and wearable. Two key features of the Gul ranges of bouyancy aids are good fitting (with a wide range of adhjustment) and in particular the narrow sholder straps, which make them far more comfortable than "cheaper and nastier"  bouyancy aids, especially for paddlers and canoeists, where you do not want your arms cjhaffing against the shoulder pads of the bouyancy aids.
Adult bouyancy aid sizes are as follows;  J - junior; S-M - small to medium adult (called petite in Yorkshire) ; L-XL large to extra large (called "who ate all the pies" over in Lancashire (only joking lads and lassies)
You are more than welcome to visit our Skipton showroom "to try on for size" any of the Gul bouyancy aids and ensure that they fit properly before purchasing them. We think this is especailly important for children and other VISP (Very Important Small Persons) - please see below

  • Gul Race Lite Bouyancy Aid - model GM0342 - Our price 40.00 incl. VAT  

Adult Bouyancy Aid - ISO approved - 50N bouyancy layer foam, high /narrow cut, zip front, full adjustable front belt, adjustable shoulder straps, reflective. All adult sizes - J; S-M; L-XL

  • Gul Garda Bouyancy Aid - our price 40.00 incl VAT (last few left)

Very similar to Gul race lite but no front zip - red only 

  • Gul Dartmouth Bouyancy Aid - model GM0346 - our price 40.00 incl VAT

Child Bouyancy Aid - ISO approved - 100N bouyancy - with the vital headrest for non-swimmers - soft layer foam, zip front, double front buckle, thigh straps (ie crotch straps), bright orange with reflective hi-vis patches - All small sizes - baby; toddler; child; junior 




Gul and other Buoyancy Aids – Ensure the Correct Fitting for Teenagers, Children and Toddlers.
Nothing is more important than the safety of your BYM - Budding Young Mariner ! 
We therefore keep in stock a small number- but wide range - of several different manufacturers buoyancy aids. These are all aimed specifically at the teenager, children and toddler sizes. We know that 21st century kids come in all different sizes - depending of course on how much mum feeds them; how hard they have been working in the Local Mill for their pocket money and whether Dad has sent them up the chimney recently !!! Therefore all young customers visiting our Skipton (Yorkshire) showroom are welcome to try on a range of various sizes and styles of bouyancy aids, so as to ensure the best fit of a new bouyancy aids on your young mariner.


Wetsuits - Gul Response Ranges - Adult Wetsuit Sizes and Prices

We have a large range of Gul adult sized wetsuits, available in the most popular sizes, styles, colours and shapes.

  • Gul Response - 3/2 wetsuit (spring/summer) - long leg, long arm - various sizes - various colours - 80.00 incl VAT
  • Gul Response - 5/3 wetsuit (autumn/winter) - long-leg, long arm -various sizes - various colours - 90.00 incl VAT

Wetsuits - Gul G-Force Ranges - Child/Teenager Westsuit Sizes and Prices
Small - but very popular range of the most popular wetsuit for childrens summer use - long legs long arms - all sizes 40.00 incl VAT


We have in stock the excellent Gul “Portland” jackets, which offer the powerboater or ribster a good mixture of protection from the elements whilst still retaining the flexibility to move around when on board.

Snorkels and Masks

These snorkels and masks are available in both adult and children’s sizes.

Gul Snorkling Masks, Aquashoes, Powerboots and Flippers

We have all sizes of the Gul Aquashoe in stock. These lightweight mesh shoes are ideal as an alternative to traditional flip flops for walking on sandy beaches - or even sunny weather deck shoes. A bargain at just a tenner. All adult and junior sizes
Various sizes of the Gul flexible neoprene powerboot, ideal for either sailors or as inside liner to other boots.
The classic snorkelling and mask set, ideal for exploring the clear blue sparking waters of the Pennines !!! (or maybe Greece is warmer?). Adult and child sizes.
Flippers - various sizes - good quality set 

  • Gul Aquashoes - 10.00 incl VAT
  • Gul Flippers - 19.00 incl VAT
  • Gul Powerboots - 20.00 incl VAT
  • Gul Mask and Snorkel set - 20.00 incl VAT