Guide to buying a preowned ribs

Guide to buying a preowned / used rib
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We always have a good selection of preowned ribs. Please contact us if you are think ing of buying (or selling) a good quality preowned rib.

  • Flat bottom boats - these either push thought the water at low speeds, or plane on top of the water at faster speeds. However they are difficult to control and flat bottomed boats are very uncomfortable in choppy conditions.


  • V -Hulls  - these are more suitable for sea use. V-Hulls are  designed to cut through the water and make the boat start planing. The hull has chines and strakes to lift the boat up when it goes fast enough. The deeper the V, the easier it will be to cut through choppy waters. As you may expect, the tradeoff can be less stability in flat water. A shallower V (such as a deck boat) is more stable in choppy water at lower speeds, but will not "cut through" the waves as easily at higher speeds. A wider beam (the boat’s width at its widest point) will increase these effects.


  • Multi- hull boats - caterman's - these will have two hulls which cut through chop exceptionally well, while maintaining stability due to the width of the boat between hulls. The main drawback to a multi-hulled boat is its poor turning ability.


  • Round hulls - (such as a trawler or sailboat) -are displacement hulls (as opposed to planing hulls). These boats are restricted to relatively slow speeds, however displacement hulls are very fuel efficient. A displacement hull tends to create a gentle motion while underway, although rolling from side to side in waves can be a problem.


What type of Engine should I get for my boat?
Choosing the right type of propulsion system for your boat is a very important matter. Its weight and horsepower will both have a massive impact on the performance of your boat. If your boat is underpowered, its engine will work hard continually and it will provide a very poor performance. If overpowered, it will be very difficult and dangerous to control. There are definitely pros and cons for each type of engine - different types of engine are recommended when fitted in different types of boat. Please also note that the engine will often be half the cost of a "new boat and engine package" and also that most of your annual service bill will be engine related. In decades gone by, inboard engines were often preferred. However the modern four-stroke engine technology means that the modern Japanese outboards are exceptionally reliable, fuel efficient and powerful.