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  • Prices below include VAT and are collected from our Ilkley shop



  • Kingfisher ropes and shotcord.

  • Cut to length (per metre) to suit your requirements. Collection from Ilkley.

  • Prices below are including VAT per metre, with a 20% saving off for any orders longer 10m.

Starter Cord (8 ply)

  • 3mm - 0.80
  • 4mm - 1.00
  • 5mm - 1.20

Shock Cord ("bungee")

  • 3mm - 2.50
  • 6mm - 3.00

Rope ( 3 strand polyester)

  • 8mm - 3.00
  • 10mm- 3.50
  • 12mm - 4.00

Floating Line

  • 8mm (red/orange) - 1.80

"Braid on Braid" Polyster Rope

  • 6mm - 1.50

Evolution Performance (purple: standard polyster)

  • 4mm - 1.50
  • 5mm -1 .80

Evolution Race 78 (dynema high strenght: blue/yellow)

  • 4mm - 3.00

Hemp (Hempex)

  • 14mm - 3.50


  • Fast Acting Rib Cleaner - 1 litre = 19.00
  • Vinyl Bright - 1 litre =  19.50
  • Brufght coast - 1 litre 1= 18.50


  • Engine Oil - four-stroke ROCK MP Plus - 1 litre = 11.00
  • Engine Oil - four-stroke ROCK MP Plus - 5 litre = 40.00
  • Engine Oil - two-stroke ROCK MP3 Ultra - 1 litre = 11.00
  • Gear Oil - Rock - 1 litre =  10.50


We carry in stock a good quality 80 amp hour deep cycle leisure battery, which is most common size used in all ribs and powerboats.
Other battery sizes and types are available to order.

All flares - including offshore, coastal and inshore packs in their waterproof containers - can however be ordered.

We keep various sizes of fenders - in both blue and white - in the showroom.

Propeller Bags
Specially made for us (and only for us) by a local Yorkshireman, these propeller bags are quite simply the best quality propeller bags available on the UK boating market today.Made of a very strong ballistic nylon material in bright orange, our specially made propeller bags come complete with an easy to use clip-together strap to tie them onto the leg of any outboard from 20hp to 350hp (no crappy drawstring is used here!). Our propeller bags have a large Pennine Marine logo on a white reflective surface. Our propeller bags fully comply with all UK road transport legislation. To conclude – our propeller bags are simply the best.

Boat Covers

Our boat covers are available in various different styles and sizes.
Our standard grade mooring covers are available for most modern Avon and Zodiac ribs and inflatables. These are not in stock, they are however available to order.
Our premium grade boat mooring and travel covers are specially made using the extra heavy duty material. These premium grade boat covers allow a rib to be towed at motorway speeds with the boat cover still in place. Constructed from top quality PVC with heavy duty strapping, these rib boat travel covers do need to be specially made to measure (to your specific boat) here in our workshop. However they last for years and protect your boat from the ravages of the weather and climate change.

Steering Cables
We keep in stock all lengths of Yamaha steering cables. These Yamaha steering cables will fit all modern types and brands of remote controlled outboard engines.

Spark Plugs

We keep in stock almost all spark plugs used in modern outboard and inboard engines.


Propellers for all modern brands of outboard engine can be ordered from us. With modern Japanese outboards, because of the number of different types and sizes (and mounting splines) please call us for advice and quotes on your specific propeller.

Outboard Engine Service Kits

We offer a comprehensive parts system for all outbiard engines - including complete service kits - with all the spare parts needed for comprehensive service. Outboard engine service kits can be ordered with or without all the oils and greases needed.

Please note that due to the number of parts permutations with these Japanese engines, we do need to know the exact model and serial number to match your specific engine to our outboard engine spare part kit.

Outboard Fuel Systems and Tanks

We keep in stock all the parts of the outboard engine fuel systems. This includes tanks, fuel lines, primer bulbs and fuel connectors. These parts for the outboard engine fuel system can either be brought individually, or as a complete system.

Kill Cords

We keep in stock all the kill cords for the modern Japanese outboard engines.


We keep in stock all sizes of the propguards. These vital propeller safety guards will come as a complete propguard kit, with the fitting bolts (which will require drilling)

Outboard Engine Locks

We keep in stock the single barrel outboard motor locks. These outboard motor locks cover the bolt of the outboard, making it extremely difficult to remove. Outboard motor locks are supplied with an extra spare key.



  • Yellow Propguard – 9 inch prop
  • Orange Propguard – 11 inch prop
  • Blue Propguard – 13 inch prop
  • Red Propguard – 14 inch prop
  • Black Propguard -16 inch prop