Marine and Boat Trailers

Marine and Boat Trailers here at Pennine Marine

Pennine Marine is the largest specialist boat trailer company to be found anywhere in Northern England. We have a longstanding partnership with the UK's leading marine and boat trailer manufacturer - Indespension.

Pennine Marine currently has for sale and we supply Indespension boat and marine trailers to numerous customers in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and the rest of Northern England.
New boat trailers can be purchased either as part of a complete boat package, or any boat trailer can be purchased individually just on its own, to be married up with your own boat.
We export boat trailers to southern England and Europe.

We here in Skipton are landlocked. Therefore Pennine Marine's knowledge of Indespension boat trailers (and indeed other boat trailer manufacturers) has grown over the years. Our expertise is from a combination of necessity and extensive practical experience. Every boat entering or leaving our boat servicing workshop in Skipton come in and out on a boat trailer.



The Indespension 2018 Marine and Boat Trailer Range

Pennine Marine offer for sale the full range of all current models from the Indespension marine and boat trailer ranges. The Indespension Marine and Boat trailer ranges for sale in 2015 are listed below. All our boat trailer prices include UK/EU VAT at 20%. These prices assume that your new boat trailer is collected from us here in Skipton. We can arrange for your boat to be transferred across onto your new trailer, however our normal workshop charges might apply.

  • Indespension COASTER - new boat trailer - prices from 775.00 to 1,290.00
  • The coaster boat trailer suits most inflatable and small rigid boats 4m to 5m long.


  • Indespension COASTER SWING (single axle) - new boat trailer - prices from 790.00 to 1,350.00
  • The coaster swing boat trailer is for smaller ribs 4m to 5m long.


  • Indespension ROLLER COASTER (single axle) - new boat trailer - prices from 1,500.00 to 2,890.00
  • The roller coaster boat trailer is for ribs from 5m to 8m long


  • Indespension SUPER ROLLER COASTER (twin axle) - new boat trailer - prices from 3,000 to 4,800
  • The super roller coaster boat trailer is for heavy powerboats from 5m to 8m long 


  • Indespension DIPPER (single axle) and BIG DIPPER (twin axle) - new boat trailer - prices from 2,100 to 4,000
  • The dipper and big dipper boat trailers are for larger displacement boats.


  • Indespension JET SKI AND SMALL BOATS - prices from 700.00 to 950.00. 
  • These small boat trailers are ideal for jetskis and very small ribs and inflatables


Changes to the Indespension Boat Trailer Ranges in 2018

All new boat trailer customers please note that new EU "Trailer Type Approval" rules for all road legal trailers that came into force in late 2012. 

All the new Indespension boat trailers listed above are now fully compliant with this latest EU trailer legislation.


Advice on the Right Type of Boat Trailer

Pennine Marine is always pleased to offer you our expert advice on selecting the right type of boat trailer to suit your powerboat, rib, inflatable or dinghy. We can also advise how to marry your new boat trailer successfully to your towing vehicle.

Pennine Marine can supply new Indespension boat trailers either individually as “trailer only”, or trailers can be sold as part of a new boat/rib/powerboat package.


Technical Details of Indespension Boat Trailers

Full technical and specification details of all these Indespension boat trailers can be found on the Indespension website. Please click on their "marine trailers" section to bring up the full details on all Indespension boat trailers.


Preowned and Part Exchange on Boat trailers

Please note that we do not purchase or sell other pre-owned marine and boat trailers, except as part of a complete boat package. All these preowned trailers (sold with a boat) are only sold after a thorough inspection.


New Boat Trailers for Zodiac Ribs

All our new Zodiac, Avon, Bombard and Zodiac Milpro ribs ribs can be supplied with roller-bed trailers. These boat trailer rollers allowing simple launch and recovery of all sizes of rib.


New Inflatable Boat Trailers

Our new Zodiac and zodiac Milpro inflatable boats and rigid boats and tender are usually supplied with new bunk-bar boat trailers.


Other Marine Boat Trailer Brands and Model Types

Pennine Marine can supply (on request) any other UK manufacturer's ranges and models of new boat trailer. The boat trailer models from Bramber, Rapide, SBS etc are available upon request.


Indespension Boat Trailer Spare Parts

Pennine Marine stock at Skipton all commonly used Indespension boat and marine trailer spares, which are for sale over the counter. Our range of Indespension boat trailer spares include;

  • Trailer hitches,
  • Trailer cables,
  • Trailer brake cables,
  • Trailer lights,
  • Trailer brackets,
  • Trailer spare wheels,
  • Trailer jockey wheels,
  • Trailer rollers spares,
  • Trailer anti-theft devices.


Propeller Bags

Here in Skipton we have the best propeller bags for sale anywhere in the UK.

A specially made, heavy-duty nylon propeller bag which comes complete with a Pennine Marine logo and tie strap. None of your cheap and nasty propeller bags here, this propeller bag has been made especially for us by a local Yorkshireman. This top-quality propeller bag is only available from us here at Pennine Marine.

Propeller bag - top quality - £50.00 incl VAT (Delivery extra).


Boat Trailer Ratchet Straps

A full range of boat trailer ratchet straps are available for sale here in the showroom at Pennine Marine in Skipton.



Indespension Boat Trailers – Trailer Service Dealerships throughout the UK

Should you require Indespension boat trailer spares whilst travelling in other far flung regions of England, Wales and Scotland please be assured that there is an extensive Indespension trailers dealer network which branches located throughout the UK. Please see the Indespension website for Indespension dealer locations and opening hours.