Engineering Facilities

We here at Pennine Marine have a good quality engineering facility. We aim to produce a noticeably higher standard of outboard engine servicing work as a result of our good marine engineering facilities. Our engineering facilities are far superior to what a boater would normally expect to find  elsewhere around the UK, where a normal marine outboard engine dealer’s servicing facility can often accurately be described as a "shed".
We also pride ourselves on having the cleanest and tidiest marine workshop in the UK.
Our open plan workshop layout for both outboard and inboard engine servicing was designed around the "best practice" principles found in the automotive service sector.  Our cavernous indoor enclosed workshop space allows us to work simultaneously on up to three large customer' boat's and still concurrently work on at least a dozen "independent" smaller outboard engines. We find that working in this indoor environment keeps our outboard engine servicing standards to a consistently high quality standard. Modern outboard engines, especially the fuel injected models with computerised controls, definitely benefit from indoor servicing.

The concreted yard is fitted with pollution control devices, which allow us to carry out environmentally friendly boat cleaning and also controlled "on the boat" engine testing.
Working in a controlled indoor environment also dramatically reduces the volume of after-sales problems we experience with service and repairs of both inboard and outboard engines.  Customers who modern four stroke engines that are regularly serviced here we would only expect to see once a year. The efficient workshop layout maximises productivity, thus keeping our outboard and inboard engine servicing charges both low and predictable by comparison with the rest of the marine industry.

We do have make errors, simply because we are human. However if we do make a mistake we will always endeavour to put these mistakes right. However the quality of our workshop facilities minimise the issues we have with hidden defects to a rare few every year.