Manufacturer’s Spare Parts

Manufacturers Recommended Spare Parts - Retail Prices

All spare parts that are changed during a service or repair – or are dispatched by post- are charged for by us "at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price”. Therefore we only charge you the customer for new spare parts “at cost”, without any hidden mark ups.

Manufacturer’s Genuine Spare Parts -  Outboards and Inboard Engines

We only supply and install genuine new manufacturer’s spare parts. We will not install any copies, pattern or used/pre-owned spare parts for either outbiard or inboard engines (unless and very rarely we have specifically agreed this with you in advance).

Parts Removed during Servicing are Retained for Your Inspection

All old boat and engine parts that are removed during an engine service or repair are kept by us until you arrive to collect your engine.

Our technicians or workshop manager will always give you the opportunity to inspect these parts. They will describe the repair issues we have encountered to you and show you all the old parts.  This allows you to see what parts have been changed, and for you to know why. You can either keep these parts, or we dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. We only dispose of them after you have confirmed that you are satisfied with the service or repair.
Where parts have been replaced as part of a warranty issue – one agreed with the manufacturer - these parts will be kept here for at least three months.