Servicing Requirememnts

Outboard Engines Require Regular Servicing

Modern outboard engines are extremely reliable - however only if they are properly serviced and maintained. By having your outboard engine serviced here annually, you are ensuring that their five  year manufacturer’s warranty on your outboard engine is maintained. Modern outboard engines are precision instruments, which require the correct aftersales care. Most modern engines require testing  on the computerised diagnostics to ensure all their functions are running properly after the service..

Please be aware that all outboard engine manufacturers are now dramatically tightening up on their requirements for regular and annual servicing. This is simply because in recent years they have found that most “warranty claims” have (upon inspection) actually been found to have been caused by poor quality servicing.

You can have your modern outboard engine serviced at any of manufacturer’s approved dealer service centres anywhere in the world. The list of these manufacturers approved dealerships and service centres is now available on the manufacturers  websites. You outboard engine does not have to be returned here for its regular annual service.

However please be aware that the manufacturer’s approved dealerships are only those proper outboard service centres with workshop facilities. We are regularly inspected and monitored by these outboard engine manufacturers to ensure that we meet their standards.

We must make you aware that if your modern outboard engine is still within the five year manufacturer’s warranty period and it is either not regularly serviced and/or it is serviced by a non-approved outboard engine dealer, then you will immediately invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
If you bring your service book here, we will always stamp it for you, to provide you with the full record and proof of service. We also provide fully itemised invoices showing the full extent of your service work. Keeping these records means you not only have peace of mind for maintaining the warranty, it means you have a full service record when you come to sell your engine.