Unknown Engines and Damage

We are also quite happy to visually inspect your engine and quote you for any engine repair work, before we carry out any service or repair works on it. Visual inspections and quotes (without us stripping the engine) when you bring your engine to us here are free.

In more complex cases, if we need to strip your engine for an inspection then the initial intrusive inspection (with us stripping the engine) will cost you £50. We will strip and expose parts those parts of an “unknown or potentially damaged engine" to open it up and inspect damaged parts. Our technicians or workshop manager will then describe all the issues to you. It is then your decision (obviously in consultation with ourselves) as to whether to stop there, or to proceed further with a full service or repair.
This inspection service is often exceptionally useful for new boat and engine owners, or owners who have unknown engines, or where there is an unknown extent of internal damage. This service allows us to assess the full extent of repairs for you. It ensures you are fully aware of the final repair price, well before we start any major works. If your engine is beyond economical or practicable repair, then this initial inspection cost is all you will be ever be charged.